Saturday, December 23, 2006

Who is REALLY behind the demise of NF Communications...

And, where's my Javelin?

Who REALLY Is Behind The "Demise" of NF Communications
and The Overnight Creation of "Javelin Marketing"? Could it be Satan, perhaps?

(Please be aware... as much as I want to "out" Larry Klein, I do not (and will not) hurt those that he has screwed.) With that said, please note that I just pulled down a post from someone that uploaded Denny Roodman's 'Referral System'.

I talked to Denny recently and he hasn't received a penny in royalties from the system he created and NF Communications has been selling for over four years.

Let's not hurt those that number amongst us in the, "Larry Klein shystered me" category.... PLEASE!

And thank you!

Friday, December 22, 2006

You have to figure that Brian Williams doesn't like Larry Klein much...

I'm starting a new group...

While the name is already being used, I felt it appropriate to name my group after the name of the... well, after what I decided to do (along with a number of others SCREWED by Larry Klein over the past seven years) -- "Out Larry Klein".

Mind you... it COULD become an association... (if so, I would "Grandfather" you in). Or, it might be just a loosely knit group like the Moose Lodge...

I'm leaning toward "Fraternal Brotherhood of the Out Larry Klein"... damnit, that name sucks!

OK, please send your input... the "theme" must remain "Out Larry Klein".

If you can put Moose, Elk, Masons or Mormons in there where it doesn't take away from the core theme? Well, I have $18 and I'll file it with the county seat!

Wait... I want to vote right now to "Grandfather" Brian Williams into the "fraternal order". It's apparent the he thinks the "Javelin Gambit" is bogus and a fellow charter member sent me his pitch from yesterday!

This is some funny shi.... stuff!

I have a theory... please hear me out before you reject it...

Ok, I know that this might seem just a bit "out there"; however I have spent the past 12 hours watching re-runs of the X-Files and I think that I may be onto something...

Come closer... closer still... I'm going to whisper...

"government conspiracy"

Ok, I just said so now it's right out there! (Hold on, I'm checking the street for strange vehicles).

There's two ugly black cars out there, so I have to type fast... follow the logic...

Larry has a bio that can't be substantiated except for the little ol' ladies that he bilked... the NASD sanctions that he walked away from... the SEC slap... the hundreds of customers, clients, vendors and staff that he screwed.

His business(sssss) disappear overnight... they don't go bankrupt, they "dissolve". Such that there's no employees, or management, not one at all...

Further, his businesses (that HAD zero distance from NF Communications) -- read that -- they WERE NF Communications in the eyes of the law; (CRFA, Fvisions, and all 16 of his websites), "continue uninterrupted" because "another company has taken them over."

Nobody can screw that many people where there's not government conspiracy involved, can they?

You scoff?

Ok then... if THAT theory is just "to out there", how about the "alternative theory"...

Larry is an alien! Or, he's not REALLY Larry Klein at all... he's Bob Roberts... but only on Monday!

Tuesdays and Thursday's he's Bob Callis!


He's a pawn and a creation of the evil bitch Debra... ummm "witch" (my bad)! Commonly referred to around the office as "Satan's Strapon", could she really BE Satan and poor Larry is just her minion?

This theory is a work in process. However, the truth is that Larry, Barry, Jason, Bob, Rob, Knobby Bob, etc., are all in serious need of an exorcism!

What are your thoughts?

Why is "Javelin" stealing Larry Klein's...

Am I the only person on the planet that wants to know if Larry Klein got bumped off by the thugs at Javelin? Or maybe his own staff after he heartlessly fired them just 10 days before Christmas...
C'mon people!
Something is just wrong... Larry goes missing at 5 p.m. 12/15/06... his office is gutted just hours later... his "trademarked" and "copyrighted" materials keep showing up on Javelin's site...
Is Larry alive? Why is Javelin stealing his bullshit?
Why people, why?
For the love of God, can't someone answer the question?!!

Sunday, December 17, 2006

So... you just heard that Larry Klein and NF Communications have nothing to do with...

Javelin Marketing?

So, how does Larry Klein and his little band of buddies explain this?

(Please be advised that Larry believes that YOU are so stupid that you can't figure out the ruse!)

NF Communications closes its doors...

I'm sorry, I know I've said it already, but I just had to say it again -- NF Communications is out of business!

"Marketing guru" Larry Klein goes bankrupt! (That's very un-guruish!)

By the way... I'm not sure and this is one person's opinion mind you, but it kinda looks like the Larry, Curly and Mo show is an attempt to defraud the financial services world...

For a good time call...

Do you have a NF Communication system... are you a registered rep? Well, "pig in a poke" is about what you now own. If it was EVER NASD compliant, on 1/1/07 it will be worthless.

For a good time, call 866-452-8354. Larry's former manager, Barry, is "slated" to be the new CEO of the "Not Larry Klein Show" -- AKA -- "Javelin Marketing".

Here's the script that Larry prepared for either Barry or Jason or anybody stupid enough to go to work for him... ummmm... NOT him! (Well, you know what I mean.)


For people who want to talk to someone from NF

NF Communications was dissolved. That company no longer exists.

But didn’t you work there?

Yes, I did. I was terminated and lucky that Javelin Marketing, a new company, offered me a position.

Well who is there that can help me with (something from NF).

NF Communications was dissolved. That company no longer exists. There are no employees or managers—that firm ceased all operations.

Well who is this new Javelin Marketing?

It’s a company that hired some of us and continues to provide services similar to what NF Communications provided. But it is not related to NF Communications and the owners are different.

But who can I talk to about my booklets that I paid for?

NF Communications was dissolved. That company no longer exists. There are no employees or managers—that firm ceased all operations. There is no one to talk to. There is nothing that you can do and nothing that I can tell you to do.

If they are insistent and just don’t get it, transfer them to extension 218. I am going to transfer you to a recorded phone message that the managers left before they were terminated.

For your info—here’s what the phone message says:

You have reached the phone lines of NF Communications. The company was dissolved on December 15 and all assets have been liquidated. The last assets were used to meet the final payroll. The company no longer has employees or operations and the management and employees of NF Communications are very sorry for the inconvenience this causes.

This dissolution does not affect the Certified Retirement Financial Advisor Program which is a separate program and separate legal entity with separate personnel. If you are a participant in the SeniorLeads program, another company has taken that over and will contact you shortly.

All other operations have ceased and there is no personnel remaining to return your call. There are no employees at all to complete anything in process or to handle any issues. We are very sorry about the inconvenience this creates for all parties involved and to the vendors who have been left with unpaid invoices.

The "Javelin Gambit" in pictures - Part I

Larry routinely discussed his "challenges" with the NASD and everyone that ever worked for him heard him discuss starting a "new company"... one without his "finger prints" on it...

He THOUGHT he could do that with "Javelin".

NF Communication is "dissolved" on 12/15/06 -- the doors were closed for good. However, just days before he informed the employees that he was preparing to fire, he came up with "the big idea".

Here's the first step... Javelin Marketing's website on 12/16/06

The "Javelin Gambit" in pictures - Part II

Larry disappears and this new guy "Bob" pops out of a hat with the same damn credentials... how in the world does that happen?

The "Javelin Gambit" in pictures - Part III

The "Javelin Gambit" in pictures - Part IV

The "Javelin Gambit" in pictures - Part V

Larry's reply to the "compliance guy"

Name Withheld,
Thank you for your email. Even though I will be leaving NF Communications in 2 days and have nothing to do with that company or with CRFA after Feb 2 2007, here are the facts to set the record straight.
I was never accused of fraud. That is absurd and plain wrong. I have never been involved in an action by the SEC. Please read attached and I have the NASD transcript to prove everything therein. If you would like them, I am happy to send a copy.
By the way--I had the NASD facts reviewed by a REAL judge and I have attached his comments.
The Businessweek and Kiplinger articles are groundless as they do not directly comment on CRFA but all "senior credentials." No one from these publications have attended a course or seen the self study materials. Therefore, it would be impossible for them to know the validity of the materials. Would you like to do some due diligence? The Society would be happy to send you a copy so you can have the facts. (The CFP Board did review the program and gives 30 CE hours to CFP designees for CE credit.) The Society has lobbied for tighter regulations of senior credentials and senior advisors and you can see our comment letter filed with the State of Massachusetts.
The issue would never apply to anything I have written or issues by NF Communications:
Our materials never ever recommend a product or suggest that a client buy anything. That's for the rep to do. The NASD may have a hard time distinguishing between information and a solicitation because they son;t understand that the two are different.
Thank you for the opportunity to clear this up. If you ask your reps who have used my services or those of NF Communications, you'll find I have made a positive difference in their business with integrity. You can read comments at I know its easier to rely on hearsay and the press but if you dig a little, you can get the truth.
Thank you and best of luck to you and Brooksteet and your reps. Your firm and Stan have always impressed me.

Larry Klein
-----Original Message-----
From: []
Sent: Wednesday, December 13, 2006 12:17 PM
Subject: FW: Current NASD Advertising violations

Someone didn't like Larry I think...

-----Original Message-----
From: []
Sent: Wednesday, December 13, 2006 12:17 PM
Subject: FW: Current NASD Advertising violations

Please comment and advise.
Name withheld
National Branch Compliance Manager,
Brookstreet Securities
2361 Campus Drive #210 Irvine, Ca 92612
1(800)268-2578 ext 181
FAX (949)679-6730
-----Original Message-----
Name withheld []
Sent: Saturday, December 09, 2006 8:51 AM
Name withheld
Subject: Current NASD Advertising violations

The registered representatives of your firm are using marketing products from Larry Klein and his two companies NF Communications and the CRFA “Professional Designation” and marketing system
1) In 1996 Larry Klein was expelled on a lifetime basis by both the Securities & Exchange Commission and the NASD for fraudulent business activities with senior citizens and was ordered to pay over $400,000 in restitution for his marketing strategies used against senior citizens
2) In 2005 Businessweek chose to produce the following article on the fraudulent marketing products sold by Larry Klein.
3) On page 65 of the 2006 Kipplingers Retirement Guide please review the article titled “Beware the FLIMFLAM MAN” describing the CRFA “Professional Designation” listed above and discussing regulatory actions being taken against NASD member firms.
4) If a registered representative at your firm is using the CRFA designation or NF Communications marketing material it may be useful to request they submit not only the portion of the marketing system addressed by old NASD review letters dated 2001-2005 (the NASD stopped reviewing NF products in early 2006) but also the remaining portion of the system not addressed by the NASD to ascertain its compliance with which took effect December 1, 2006.

Larry get's a "bright" idea... the "Javelin Gambit"

What you see here is a copy of the start of it all...

Larry details to his two accomplices (staff) what those of us following his "escapades" have come to call "Larry's Best Idea EVER!"

Yup, this is the big one folks!

Here is the actual memo from Larry and can someone PLEASE explain to me how in the world he manages to stay out of jail? (I used to ask myself how he could stay in business and out of jail... now that NF Communications is dead... well you get my point!


Barry—pls set a meeting with Jason and I to review this

It’s possible for us to continue selling booklets and books and this make some sense

1. let’s total up booklets books sold last 6 months
2. let’s find an outside service that can produce these and their requirements (note that we have always had books produced outside—don’t know if we can do same with booklets at affordable price)
3. If so, we can conceivably continue to produce booklets and books but not produce them—i.e. Ashley would merely transmit pdf files to outside printers
4. we need to locate and outside printer to handle—note that our current printer for books, Deharts, will be burned when NF closes as we owe them probably $10,000 so we need to find a new printer. Do a search on “short run printers” and also consult with Jason. Currently, we have the books printed and shipped to us for inspection before we send to the client. This is a stupid system necessitated by the fact that we have had too many orders that were not right. With any new printer, we need to make the arrangement that they ship directly to the client and if client refuses to pay for quality reason, the printer will reprint. Our client should deal directly wit the printer for proofing and we should do nothing other than sell the item, typeset and email the pdf to the printer.
5. If we can do $400,000 of business in books and booklets and the margin to us is at least $100,000, then we could keep Ashley at $48,000. Any less margin than that makes no sense and even $100,000 of margin may be too little to bother. We would d no printing—the only work would be computer work and client contact.
6. Note that we need plan to continue to submit the booklets to the NASD as we need to use them for SeniorLeads.
7. we had created a system to make electronic booklets (our client would create their own booklet n the Internet and print themselves). I don’t believe the volume has ever taken off. The hope was that we would no longer need to have booklet printed but the advisors seem to still want booklets printed. Need to talks with Jason and see if he agrees—we might want to eliminate the personalized electronic booklets and only offer the printed personalized booklets (this would increase the printed booklet volume).


My involvement with Javelin will be zero as far as the outside world sees. Therefore, the webinars in their current form will not work as
1. the company sends a postcard to get attendance featuring me as the presenter
2. I present
3. the sales people follow up to close

The webinars will work if the following change is made

1. the postcards are sent by an outside printer not naming Javelin—the postcard comes from me
2. I present (we use an Internet based system that would not show Javelin in any way)
3. I call and close the sale after
4. I have the materials shipped from an outside printer
Therefore, this system would not involve Javelin at all. It would be a product of Larry Klein.
5. This necessitates filing of items with NASD as has been done. If these filings are problematic, we still do business with about 50% of the potential buyers who don’t care about NASD review.
6. To facilitate NASD review, neither Javelin or Larry Klein should be the submitter of items to NASD but rather a company that does nothing else. That company could then also promote these items directly to BDs. In other words, a company would exist that does nothing but create materials (I create them), files them for NASD review and then licenses them for use (to Javelin, to me and to other parties). I would have no visible relationship with that company.

My activities

1. provide Javelin all services for which no one else can readily supply (invisible to anyone)
2. continue webinars and sell TPS (no involvement of Javelin)
3. start a firm that provides a service to help reps convert to RIAs
4. distribute insurance products
5. other coaching
6. conduct items 2-5 under the name Denovo

Larry definitely is NOT involved with Javelin Marketing... RIGHT!!!

NF Communications customer support blind sided

Ok... back to compliance issues... for 10 months the "standard line" when asked about when the NASD review letters would be available was, "We were told that they would be here today or tomorrow..."

Here's customer service on 12/12/06, just three days before Larry walked into the company pizza party and informed the staff that he was closing the doors of NF Communications (read that; "dissolving") forever.


Dear John,

As I mentioned in my first email, all the materials we have in our possession are already posted at Once we receive the materials, they will be posted immediately. I was told we were receiving them today or tomorrow, so this should resolve your compliance issue.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to contact our office directly.

Thank you,

Jessica A. Haun
Customer Support
NF Communications, Inc.
1700 North Broadway, Suite 405 Walnut Creek, CA 94596
(800) 980-0192. Ext. 231

24 Hour Online Support for program owners can be accessed at

You just can't make this stuff up!

So, what you're saying is... that Larry Klein has NOTHING to do with Javelin? And, NF Communications "dissolved"? Ummm...

Larry Klein's answer to compliance problems

Below please find the response Larry recently sent a rep who is unable to use NF Communications products due to lack of a current NASD review letter. Instead of explaining why the NASD has not issued him a review letter in 12 months he simply refers to the prospective clients compliance department as "...children.."

Its easy to see why Larry is such a popular guy.


I recommend you switch BDs. I am trying to solve a problem and they act like children.

you dont need that.

Thank you,

Larry Klein, CPA/PFS, CFP®
Certified Retirement Financial Advisor™
NF Communications, Inc.
Marketing and Education Programs for Financial Advisors
1700 N. Broadway, Suite 405 Walnut Creek, CA 94596

From a NF Communications employee dated 11/30/06

At this weeks company meeting Larry informed the staff that he was ".....close to obtaining a huge cash settlement from a former contractor who ripped us off...", all of us are highly concerned the company will soon collapse & everyone in production (just 3 left) currently spend all of their time searching for jobs on the Internet.

He keeps messing with payroll, so frankly I don't feel bad!

Larry is trying to assure staff the pending inflow of cash will save the company and allow the company to raise salaries.

His 2006 submissions from the NASD haven't been returned after 9 months so its safe to say the NASD has officially ended his ability to receive new product review letters.

Come January 1, 2007 his existing catalog of 2005 NASD review letters will be about as valuable as a postage stamp!"

"Pay no attention to the Larry Klein... ummm... the man behind the curtain!