Saturday, December 16, 2006

Larry Klein attempts to disappear and "reinvent" himself overnight

Watch closely as Larry Klein and his privately owned NF Communications, Inc. attempt to reinvent Larry overnight into; Javelin Marketing -- but with Larry "supposedly" not involved.

Less than 24 hours after he shut down NF Communications, leaving employees and joint venture partners "inconvenienced" and unpaid vendors with "unpaid invoices", Javelin EMERGES from the ashes, as a white night, to save the day...

Let's discover the truth over the next few days and see if Barry and Jason have enough balls to create Larry's "cover" and go to prison for his fraud!

NASD Compliance Problems With Larry Klein's...

Materials, or materials produced by NF Communications

Does anyone care to comment on that? I recently saw a letter on the internet that's suposedly been forwarded to compliance officers at most of the broker/dealers around the country, it was pretty damning and I'm wondering if it wasn't a significant part of his undoing?

Here's just part of it...

Subject: Current NASD Advertising violations

The registered representatives of your firm are using marketing products from Larry Klein and his two companies NF Communications and the CRFA “Professional Designation” and marketing system
1) In 1996 Larry Klein was expelled on a lifetime basis by both the Securities & Exchange Commission and the NASD for fraudulent business activities with senior citizens and was ordered to pay over $400,000 in restitution for his marketing strategies used against senior citizens

Obviously, there's much more... Has anybody else seen this?

The Day That NF Communication Closed Its Doors and "Reinvented" Itself as...

"Javelin Marketing"

Every story has to begin somewhere. Ours will start at the end - NF Communications closing its doors. Companies close every day, but how many do you know give their employees only five hours notice? And that's five hours more notice than NF's customers had.

Listen in to this message and then feel free to comment!