Sunday, December 17, 2006

From a NF Communications employee dated 11/30/06

At this weeks company meeting Larry informed the staff that he was ".....close to obtaining a huge cash settlement from a former contractor who ripped us off...", all of us are highly concerned the company will soon collapse & everyone in production (just 3 left) currently spend all of their time searching for jobs on the Internet.

He keeps messing with payroll, so frankly I don't feel bad!

Larry is trying to assure staff the pending inflow of cash will save the company and allow the company to raise salaries.

His 2006 submissions from the NASD haven't been returned after 9 months so its safe to say the NASD has officially ended his ability to receive new product review letters.

Come January 1, 2007 his existing catalog of 2005 NASD review letters will be about as valuable as a postage stamp!"


Anonymous said...

Getting NASD letters for his "old" products isn't relavant any longer, since he won't be selling them any longer.

Small companies need employees with ideas, rather than Internet surfers looking for a new job. Among all other problems, Larry must have a problem with hiring practices.

Anonymous said...

Small companies also need people who can spell "relevant."

This reminds of the ad to "Earn 100K annually" on the website.

That ad urges you to place "simple, INEXPESIVE ads.."

There are no "n's" at NF or Javelin, I guess.

If the hookid on fonics approach to proofreading doesn't link NF and Javelin together- nothing else does! The prevailing theme seems to be: WE DON'T NEED NO STINKIN' SPELLCHECK.

As for hiring practice issues-

Larry had no hiring practice problems- he had bs'ed some of the best and brightest into working for him.

But late paychecks, postdated vacation paychecks, "temporary" salary cuts that stretched into infinity- those things created an environment where employees felt compelled to save themselves.

Until all this started happening, no one in production or anywhere else in the company spent time on the Internet. We WANTED this company to work.

An Ex Employee of Larry Bob Richards

Anonymous said...

Interesting how a misspelled word is your best attack.

In regards to production department, they're not the ones responsible for generating income. I can tell you with confidence that several of those folks hired to help make the company profitable made crappy decisions or simply sat around discussing office politics instead of making money for the company. Saying Larry doesn't know how to hire the right people is hardly a compliment to Larry or a cut-down to people downstairs. Biggest problem facing Larry, and half the reason to dissolve the company, was the previous COO!

Don't EVEN give me that crap about the "best and brightest". Sure, there were a few good people...some sales people quit after 2 hours of work - once they realized how ridiculous the gig was. But most of these "best and brightest" got shit-canned for not producing.

Did I misspell anything? I'll loose sleep tonight if I did.