Sunday, December 17, 2006

So... you just heard that Larry Klein and NF Communications have nothing to do with...

Javelin Marketing?

So, how does Larry Klein and his little band of buddies explain this?

(Please be advised that Larry believes that YOU are so stupid that you can't figure out the ruse!)


Anonymous said...


What a sack of worms! Klein informs his staff just hours before he closes his business forever on a Friday afternoon and during what is supposed to be the monthly "get together"?

That by itself reeks, but I just talked to a friend that was trying to stick it out and found out that it was the night of the company's holiday party and just 10 days before Christmas, to boot.


They had to stay until 5 pm to "sign paperwork" to get their final paycheck?

This guy is a "piece of work" and had he pulled that shit in New Jersey, they would be trying to find the body!

Anonymous said...

Have you checked the website? He actually has the balls to direct customers he's left in the dust to his new company. He really does think everyone is just that stupid, doesn't he?

Anonymous said...

This guy is just unbeleivable! He's lying through his teeth, committing fraud, and he seems to actually think he's going to get away with it?

I hope someone's passing this information on to the NASD or SEC or something. Larry Klein just ruined the Christmasses of his ex-employees, vendors and customers.

I hope he spends this and many future Christmasses behind bars.

Anonymous said...

Just for fun, view the page source for some of Javelin's pages. They forgot to change the alt tags on the Javelin logo jpg! What a maroon!


Why is everyone bashing Larry Klein, he is just a nice guy trying to get by. he is talented, smart, (look at all those books he wrote) good looking and well educated. he is only offering services to help others help the elderly with their money. the NASD is just a bunch of stupid morons who wouldnt know something good if it bit them in the ass. in closing can't we all just get along.
Bob Roberts

Anonymous said...

Hahahahaa! Good one... Maybe we'll here from "Bob Callis" sometime soon as well.

How many fake names does Larry use, anyway?

Anonymous said...

"truthseaker"? Still can't spell for shit, huh Larry? Phuk U.

Anonymous said...

Truthseaker?? Since when?? Either you have never met Larry Klien, or Larry you need to up your meds and get some glasses(is that pubic hair they implanted on your head?).

WE all can get along.

Last time I checked, WE don't rack up a bunch of debt, screw our customers, vendors, and employees and then act surprised when people think you are lower than pond scum.

Anonymous said...

Bob Roberts, Larry Klein, Cybil or whatever personality we are today. What goes around comes around. You can only BS people for so long. Like your newsletters that included many of the same articles of previous issues. For 600 bucks a year, you figure this smart good looking guy would have something new EVERY month. If I wanted old articles, I could have goten them from the archives. AND THEN, the bullshit with your annuity book territory. I was shocked when a rep 3 blocks away bought the same system. So you have the balls to tell people that they will we be the only one with the booklets in a certain mile radius. I should have sued your ass off then. Yes, we can all get along easier if you would just get lost. Want fries with those booklets?

Anonymous said...

Mr. Klein took Gordon Gekko's, "Greed is Good" philosphy a little too far. Imagine if he did the right thing? This guy would be very rich. I feel bad for the employees, HAPPY HOLIDAYS YOU ARE FIRED, Love Larry.

Anonymous said...

What cracked me up was on the Javelin site, was the newsletters that look EXACTLY like NF COM'c. Senior Finances etc. Gee, Javelin must be plagarizing!!


all kidding asside, as a former employee of No Fucking Communications I feel bad for all those who tried to stick it out only to be screwed for their efforts. I have no dought that they will be better off in the long run as far away from, Larry Bob or whatever he is calling himself these days, as they can. These are the folks I feel for not anyone who is still working for him, after all the shit thats happened they either needs mental health services or they are schmucks like Larry.

For those who bought the crap Larry sells, well, get your head out of your ass, nothing he is selling is new to marketing, you are just looking for a get rich quick magic wand.
Listen if someone tells you they have some magic beans for sale and you buy them. dont blame anyone else for your problems, Larry fucked you fair and square, get over it, you know you are just going to use the info to get as much money from all the old people you can, and well... greedy people are easy pickins for cons like Larry.

Anonymous said...

As a fellow NF Com Survivor, "Well Said" truthseaker.

Larry's made a career out of screwing over everyone he meets. He screwed over the old blind lady in the NASD ruling, he screwed over everyone who ever bought one of his inane products; he screwed over all of his staff.

One of my favorite "Klein-isms" was somehting he'd tell us at _every_ staff meeting: "You have to remember that 80% of the people who buy our products are complete idots. And that estimate may be low."

What a jerk. He deserves what comes to him. Someone should get him a DVD set of "My Name Is Earl" for Christmas...


I hope Larry gets whats coming to him, but, he has been wallowing in shit for years and seems to come out smelling like... well... shit... but it does not seem to bother him.
to those he owes money, I don't think you can simply transfer assets to another company and say your old one does not have any. there are servers and computers desks and phone systems etc... I hope someone thinks it's worth the fight in court. This would certainly bring down the opperation.
for all my former co-workers, Merry Christmas, Happy Chanuka(sp)Quanza(sp) etc... and a far better new year to all those recently let go.

a NF reunion and Larry bashing party sounds fun...

Anonymous said...

He's going to be in deep shit when people he took money from start calling their credit card companies to get reimbursed for unfilled orders.

Because at that point, the CC companies are going to come for _their_ money, and they can actually afford lawyers and such. Last I heard, LK doesn't even have the money to pay the retainer fees for his lawyers, so he'll probably end up going into hiding and living in the sewers like the bum he is.

Anonymous said...

So disorganized is Kleinco/Javelin/NF etc. that they posted a link on the Web with tons of client data on it- accessible to anyone who can do a good Google search.

Good thing for Larry that no identity thieves have found this treasure trove...yet.

Also, I note that is still alive and kicking, although I am not sure why. Perhaps its' purpose is to augment the offal which passes for senior leads ( with an occasional real one.

Also- for all you unsuspecting advisors out there- Javelin might be talking a good talk when it comes to improving the senior leads program- but don't believe it.

I am advisor who got burned in that program and recently heard the Javelin pitch. That has Klein written all over it. He will never do what it takes to get good leads because it is much cheaper and easier to foist crap off on unsuspecting clients and then replace them when they complain.

Anonymous said...

The only good thing that might come of this is that some good people will prosper and survive. But what will be difficult is telling - which are the "good" people. Now it is clearer why Neal Frankel distanced himself many years ago from NF Comm. He must have been one of the good guys.

Anonymous said...

The truth is that Larry is slime. He's very much like the green ghost gooo left over after Dan Akroyd zapped him with his ray gun. Larry lies, cheats and steals as easily as most people breath.

There comes a day of reckoning when the stars align and every body gets what's coming to them...and when that happens Larry will spend significant time in jail.

Look out girlfriend (LK) Brutus is coming for you.

Anonymous said...

Shame on you Larry!

You are not a man but a sad cartoon of an unconsciously incompetent huckster trying to screw people.

How can you guide the people who work for you now further into your deep pit of deception?

Now you have crossed the line with outright fraud to keep a failed business alive by:

- debiting advisor credit cards fraudently with bogus leads that you're selling for $18.

- telling existing employees that you are not collecting a salary
(implying no income)when mysteriously you are cashing NFCom checks after it's supposive demise to clear your personal debts. Gee,
I'll bet you backdated enough checks to cover any cash in the Wells Fargo Walnut Creek account.

- ditching and dodging NFCom creditors selectively to use NFCom assets to set-up Javelin.

You don't need a law degree to figure out you're really screwing real people with businesses of their own with those practices and putting your existing Javelin employees in jeopardy as being accesories to committing fraud in front of the IRS, SEC and State of California.

The NASD was set-up exactly for the purposes of identifying and outing guys like you. You are sliding down a slippery slope to extinction!