Sunday, February 11, 2007

Ummmm... NF Communications "dissolved" on the 15th of December?

---------- Original Message ----------

FROM: GM1 (Barry Beasley)
TO: (all sales)
DATE: Wed, 13 Dec 2006 12:20:18 -0800
SUBJECT: Voicemail

Javelin Team.

Please make sure that you re record your voicemail on Friday close of business to say who you are and with Javelin.
This must happen, we cannot have the new number with message that refer to NF Com.
Please make a calendar date in goldmine to remind yourself.

The new number for Javelin is 866-4Javelin or 866-452-8354
Thank you,
Barry Beasley
NF Communications, Inc.
Marketing Systems and Technical Education
for Financial Advisors
1700 N. Broadway #405
Walnut Creek, CA 94596
800-980-0192 ext 235

Need to communicate with Larry Klein

Ok... yes he stiffed you... yes, he did it with an old broom because he's a limpy and all around him will affirm that both his hair transplants, his viagra and his bride have left him just a lil "soft"...

Did he do you like that?

He won't pick up his phone? (Of course he won't!)

Then lets ALL start emailing him at his "home" address... MAYBE someday he'll respond!

Larry's personal e-mail address is

Oh... he'll also get stuff at and!!!

Someone PLEASE call the FTC or the PostMaster General

To paraphrase Forest Gump... fraud is as fruad does...

Would someone PLEASE put this limp dick in jail?

Javelin Marketing... aka... NOT anything to do with Larry Klein

Larry sucks at hiding his fake Harvard MBA... and why isn't he in jail yet?

8am - The girls in customer service finally start answering the phone (too many cursing customers yesterday), apparently the phone rings non-stop from NF customers who have received an e-mail from Brian Williams.
Morning - Calls are coming into to the sales line at Javelin but they are mostly from pissed of NF people
Jason Perry sees the YouTube video & "...turns ghost white...".
Barry Beasley comes in the office, he is already mad because bill collectors from NF were calling him at his home last night :) [Barry is SUCH a jerk, I loved hearing that one]
Jason & Barry hold a "damage control" meeting, come about an hour later both silent and somber.
Larry arrives in the office, he meets with Barry / Jason & goes "...ABSOLUTELY NUTS; screaming, yelling, making accusations against the handful of existing NF staff,,,,,,,,,, apparently he simply lost it".
My contact & I spoke for about an hour & there is tons of funny stuff, here are some highlights:
- Rumor has it Jason Tripp "might be involved in the Youtube thing since there are compliance issues discussed".
- On the 14th Larry sent all of the people in the senior leads system triple lead sales (the leads were old & useless) which automatically triggered credit card billing. All of these customers are now calling in to dispute their credit card charges and are informed "NF has gone out of business........"
- Larry assured his remaining staff today that in the past mistakes were made but "going forward things will be done differently.
- Rumor has it Jason Perry is currently interviewing for other jobs.
- Thanks to todays YouTube e-mail NONE of Larrys vendors are buying into the whole "NF is gone" pitch and they are all calling Javelin demanding their money.
- NONE of "Javelins" sales staff have been paid from Decembers sales for NF.

oooo... contact Larry Klein directly

We have just hit upon new levels of "communicating" with the sleaze, otherwise known as "Larry Klein" directly!

If you are named, Debra or Cleo or Sal you can email and it will get to him or... I'll get you Klein's personal Comcast email and his cell phone number here in just a bit.

Do you need some annuity marketing bullshit?

Call Larry!

Javelin... a "sparkle" in Satan/Larry Klein's eye... two years in advance says...


Not LarryKleinbutRatherTheNewnotNFcom recommends spamming seniors… 2 million online seniors you can hit with a message from russia

NF Communications... "way back" machine

Fri 12/15/2006 3:15 PM

Today at noon NF had its monthly Pizza lunch / company meeting. To everyone's "surprise" Larry announced NF would be closed at the end of the day & that in order to receive your final paycheck you had to stay until 5pm and fill out some "paperwork" (the direct deposit for employees stopped a few weeks ago).
While there would be no severance package for laid off employees Larry "promised" them he would send them a check for up to one weeks accrued vacation balance by the end of this month. To everyone's surprise Debra was canned today.
I can't decide which is more sleazy:
1) Providing employees 5 hours notice they are being laid off just before Christmas, paying no severance package, not paying accrued vacation balances, and offering "his word" that up to one weeks accrued vacation would be sent in the mail before years end.
2) Having his sales staff makes sales all day long today with the full knowledge no product would ever be shipped & customers would have no recourse as NF will be dissolved by days end.

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Turn Klein in...

TS said...

The Contra Costa DA can be notified about Klein's current or past activities by sending a written complaint with Larry Klein-NFcom/Javelin at the top of the letter. The complaint can be sent anonymously but all the detail you have Klein's fraudulent or otherwise criminal activities should be included. If they receive multiple individual complaints that would support prosecution.

Send the written complaint to:

Contra Costa DA
Attn: Kathy
627 Ferry Street
Martinez, CA 94553


Please spread this information around to any other blogs or discussion groups that may be interested.

Monday, January 29, 2007

A former VP of NF Communications said...

Note: This was posted as a comment and I agree wholeheartedly, so I thought it should come right out and be a "post" and not a "comment"!

"On behalf of all former NF employees, I hope that Klein is publicly exposed and punished for his criminal behavior. He has crossed the line and blatently committed fraud and grand larceny many times. He somehow believes he is above the law, but deserves to pay for his actions. All of those who have done business with and worked for him have had similar observations of his conduct, and would happily testify in court to his wrong doings. Let's hope he is prosecuted and we are all given a chance to give our testimony in court and help to put him in prison. Larry Klein is the most dishonest and immoral person I have ever met."

Signed : A former VP of NF Commuications, proud to have been fired by Larry without cause for refusing to do his dirty work

Sunday, January 7, 2007

Wrongful Termination

Buried in one of the postings from late last week I found this note titled "Tammy Gets Fired"

Before I post it out where all can see (the garbage being heaped upon good people by the likes of the Larry, Barry, Jason and Moe show), I would would like to give "Tammy" a piece of advice...

"Tammy" get yourself an attorney and have him draft a wrongful termination notice and an "agreement to settle" and have him send it right to Barry Beasely as the "CEO" of Javelin.

You were fired for commenting about a person that claims to have no contact with Javelin and by a company that claims to have to no dealings with him. I'm not an attorney, but I do know a couple and when I showed them your post they about popped a vein!

Here's "Tammy Gets Fired" formerly found in the "comments" and now out for the world to see...

Today, I was called in by Barry, Perry, et al and confronted about my blog: (incomplete though it is:

I fully admitted that yes, in the spirit of venting, I had posted this blog. It was supposed to be a place for the disenchanted to gather. I didn't even make the blog public. Somehow, the link got sent around and wound up at Javelin. The Javelinettes were displeased. TRAITOR! INGRATE!

Here sat before me the same people who TOLD me to blatantly lie about (not embellish, prevaricate, or whitewash) Larry Klein's involvement with Javelin, told me to shine on the customers who got cheated, had me fielding calls from Financial Visions - another one of those not-quite-but sorta Larry Klein companies like They too were blindsided by the demise of NF and were demanding to know of Klein's whereabouts.

Here they sat - accusing me of having given memos to someone at outlarryklein, of assisting Brian Williams and his mastermind buddy to bring the paragon of virtue, Larry Klein, down. (As if he needs any of our help...)

On the judgement seat were the same people who told me not to mention to the folks in production that they were about to get the big, spiky shaft, and had us all pretending it was business as usual. These were the same folks who instructed customer service to not give ANY refunds for months in a row (it must have been Debra's idea?)

These new bosses sat there telling me how bad I was, telling me that they had all the goods on me and that I had better fess up or else Larry Klein himself would sic his gang of lawyers on me posthaste.

My first thought was "Wait a minute- I'm confused.. If Larry's not here anymore and has nothing to do with Javelin and NF doesn't exist - why is he upset?

I calmly explained, as I will here now, that I provided NONE of the content on outlarryklein and that I do not know, nor have I ever even spoken to Brian Williams. They voiced disbelief and outrage.

"What do you want me to do- take a lie detector test?" I demanded.

Perry: "It may come to that." (threat?)

Barry: "You know who Cindy Williams is- don't say you don't."

Me: (to self) "Uh.. not really. Oh, wait- isn't she that gal from LAVERNE AND SHIRLEY?"

Perry managed a few damned fine eyerolls and fairly snorted when I said (truthfully) that I didn't know who Cindy Williams was.

Was I upset about all the crap that went on at NFavelin? You bet! Was I up for a bit of mischief and mayhem for my own twisted satisfaction? Perhaps. But I was not involved in the group effort.

Honestly, I thought Barry was an OK guy. He seemed like he was really trying to make things work but was caught between a Klein and a hard place. I had even more respect for Perry and was crossing my fingers that he would tell the whole bunch of them to **** themselves. Disappointing.

Hell, there were a lot of things I liked about Larry. Such a shame that he felt he had to marginalize his ethics in order to make money. He probably could have done it just on his own merits. And while all of us have certainly made our share of bad choices and done things of which we are not proud, Larry has made a lifetime's work of it. He has used up his share of forgive and forget ten times over.

As for me, I am jobless. For putting information on the internet that I didn't put on the Internet- for orchestrating the downfall of a guru (which I did not do.) and for telling our clients the truth when they asked.

BarPerLarry have given me time to think about what I can do to help Larry catch the "principals." If I do, perhaps the hand of Larry shall not smite me.

However, I don't really know who they are. Even if I did, and he quelled them, ten more would take their places and ten more and ten more, ad infinitum.

Best of luck to all of you, may your scars heal quickly.

PS: Barry- why did I stay on? Because I wasn't as brave as those who said no and because I had a glimmer of hope that things might work this time 'round.

Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Larry Klein Shuts the Doors on NF Communications, Jeopardizes Credibility of the CRFA Designation -- Part II

Aside from Ray Ohlson, other Klein customers have responded angrily. And apparently, unbeknownst to Mr. Ohlson, Klein did notify some of his customers. Normally forums and blogs are not the most reliable source, but after dozens upon dozens of entries pop up overnight by disgruntled acquaintances and employees, we think they are worth mentioning.
First, here’s a forum entry posted on Registered, December 21, 2006, topic “NF Communications”:
“Has anyone else bought one of their marketing/seminar systems? I fell into the trap because of the 90 day "guarantee".
I just received an email from Larry Klein, president of NFCom, saying they've closed their doors and fired everyone. He says there's no one to talk to about refunds or guarantees. Luckily, we've stopped payment on our credit card and put the payment into dispute.
Has anyone else gotten duped by these clowns?
PS- I think I remember seeing posts from Larry Klein on this forum in the past. I hope he shows his face here again...”
Former NF Communications employees have certainly been the most vociferous of everyone upset by Klein. Here is just one from
“Shame on you Larry! You are not a man but a sad cartoon of an unconsciously incompetent huckster trying to screw people. How can you guide the people who work for you now further into your deep pit of deception? Now you have crossed the line with outright fraud to keep a failed business alive by:
- Debiting advisor credit cards fraudently with bogus leads that you're selling for $18.
- Telling existing employees that you are not collecting a salary (implying no income)when mysteriously you are cashing NFCom checks after it's supposed demise to clear your personal debts.
- Ditching and dodging NFCom creditors selectively to use NFCom assets to set-up Javelin.
You don't need a law degree to figure out you're really screwing real people with businesses of their own with those practices and putting your existing Javelin employees in jeopardy as being accessories to committing fraud in front of the IRS, SEC and the State of California.
The NASD was set-up exactly for the purposes of identifying and ousting guys like you. You are sliding down a slippery slope to extinction!"
Insurance professionals associated with Klein’s materials should be wary. In the insurance business, reputation is everything. And right now, the insurance industry is struggling with its reputation.
Day by day, more and more articles on the topic of fraudulent investment schemes by so-called advisors preying on the ignorance of seniors are cropping up. More and more, the NASD and SEC are putting these schemers out of business.
Once a prominent name, Klein has become a “Where’s Waldo” candidate, having vanished off the map as of December 15, 2006. Once connected with some of the biggest companies and top personnel in our industry, he is now a ghost advisor, leaving a trail of broken promises from today all the way back to the doors of his closed business.
Klein’s designation, the CRFA, has also come under fire. With his recent disappearing act, what will come of the credibility of the CRFA?
According to a Wall Street Journal article dated September 24, 2006, Beware the Huckster in Adviser’s Clothing, “There has been an increase in the number of organizations that offer designations such as Certified Wealth Preservation Planner or Certified Retirement Financial Advisor™. Regulators say that while such titles might sound impressive, investors should question how much of the associated training is focused on sales tactics instead of education.”

Larry Klein Shuts the Doors on NF Communications, Jeopardizes Credibility of the CRFA Designation

as reported by:

by Rob Billingham

One of Larry Klein’s books is entitled 400 Greatest Financial Jokes, and it appears that his reputation might become joke number 401.

On December 15, 2006, Klein shut the doors on NF Communications, a company that packaged “top marketing systems of producers” and provided them to agents and brokers. Klein ended operations without warning and without notifying some of his customers.

Klein, now former president of NF Communications, is well-known in the industry for his senior marketing system. His books such as Marketing Financial Services to Seniors and How to Become a Million Dollar Producer: A Change in Your Paradigm have gained national attention and popularity.

Nobody knows exactly why he closed down, but he certainly left his customers, employees and acquaintances stranded. It is possible that the closing may be linked to Klein’s connection to the current proliferation of circumspect senior designations. Or even worse, fraudulence.

Klein founded the Certified Retirement Financial Advisor (CRFA) designation, which joins a group of senior-focused certifications strongly criticized by The American College, the media and others.

In response to the news, one of Klein’s customers, Ray Ohlson, president of the Ohlson Group said, “I’ve known Larry a long time. We’ve been good business acquaintances. We’ve promoted his marketing seminar to our producers. I am surprised that he closed his doors and I am disappointed that an e-mail did not go out to his customers. The day before I found out that NF Communications shut down, I was still promoting his marketing seminar to my producers. Now we are left in an awkward situation.”

Clicking on any link to NF Communications, or any of Klein’s book titles, will lead you to a page that reads:

NF Communications has ceased operations.

There are no longer employees or managers as the company has dissolved.
There is no way to contact anyone from NF Communications, as all personnel have been terminated.
We are sorry for the inconvenience this causes and regret that the organization can no longer serve you.

If you have interest in programs and tools that help financial advisors grow their business, please click here.

When users click on the link, they are directed to “Javelin Marketing,” a suspicious company that showcases ads for marketing systems similar to those promoted by NF Communications. It appears that as one business dissolved, the other is trying to pick up the pieces.

Neither Klein, nor anybody else at NF Communications or Javelin Marketing, was available by phone on repeated attempts. Callers are told that “email correspondence is preferred.”

For those of you not familiar with Klein, here’s how he positioned himself to our industry:

Mr. Klein claims to have assisted, "...10,000 financial professionals to increase their clients and income. He offers his marketing programs, tested in his own practice, and practices of top producers to financial advisors throughout the United States." Mr. Klein started his career as a CPA with a "big eight" accounting firm and moved into advising retail clients as a Vice President of Investments at Great Western Financial Securities and then as a First Vice-President and branch manager with Prudential Securities (where he was in the top 5% of producers, nationally).

Mr. Klein claims to be a CPA/PFS, a Certified Senior Advisor (one of 8,000 in the US), and holds an MBA from Harvard Business School as do his "alter egos, Bob Roberts and Bob Callis".

Larry has been an invited speaker at leading venues such as the Charles Schwab Advisor Conference, the NAIFA Financial Advisors Forum and the Million Dollar Round Table.

Klein claims to have been interviewed on CNNfn and in industry publications including On Wall Street, Registered Representative Magazine, The Agents Sales Journal, Research Magazine, and Financial Advisor Pro and writes columns for Financial Services Journal Online, Horsesmouth, and on Wall Street Online. In these industry publications, he counsels financial services professionals how to use smart and efficient seminars, direct mail and direct response marketing to obtain substantial increases in their income.