Sunday, February 11, 2007

Ummmm... NF Communications "dissolved" on the 15th of December?

---------- Original Message ----------

FROM: GM1 (Barry Beasley)
TO: (all sales)
DATE: Wed, 13 Dec 2006 12:20:18 -0800
SUBJECT: Voicemail

Javelin Team.

Please make sure that you re record your voicemail on Friday close of business to say who you are and with Javelin.
This must happen, we cannot have the new number with message that refer to NF Com.
Please make a calendar date in goldmine to remind yourself.

The new number for Javelin is 866-4Javelin or 866-452-8354
Thank you,
Barry Beasley
NF Communications, Inc.
Marketing Systems and Technical Education
for Financial Advisors
1700 N. Broadway #405
Walnut Creek, CA 94596
800-980-0192 ext 235

Need to communicate with Larry Klein

Ok... yes he stiffed you... yes, he did it with an old broom because he's a limpy and all around him will affirm that both his hair transplants, his viagra and his bride have left him just a lil "soft"...

Did he do you like that?

He won't pick up his phone? (Of course he won't!)

Then lets ALL start emailing him at his "home" address... MAYBE someday he'll respond!

Larry's personal e-mail address is

Oh... he'll also get stuff at and!!!

Someone PLEASE call the FTC or the PostMaster General

To paraphrase Forest Gump... fraud is as fruad does...

Would someone PLEASE put this limp dick in jail?

Javelin Marketing... aka... NOT anything to do with Larry Klein

Larry sucks at hiding his fake Harvard MBA... and why isn't he in jail yet?

8am - The girls in customer service finally start answering the phone (too many cursing customers yesterday), apparently the phone rings non-stop from NF customers who have received an e-mail from Brian Williams.
Morning - Calls are coming into to the sales line at Javelin but they are mostly from pissed of NF people
Jason Perry sees the YouTube video & "...turns ghost white...".
Barry Beasley comes in the office, he is already mad because bill collectors from NF were calling him at his home last night :) [Barry is SUCH a jerk, I loved hearing that one]
Jason & Barry hold a "damage control" meeting, come about an hour later both silent and somber.
Larry arrives in the office, he meets with Barry / Jason & goes "...ABSOLUTELY NUTS; screaming, yelling, making accusations against the handful of existing NF staff,,,,,,,,,, apparently he simply lost it".
My contact & I spoke for about an hour & there is tons of funny stuff, here are some highlights:
- Rumor has it Jason Tripp "might be involved in the Youtube thing since there are compliance issues discussed".
- On the 14th Larry sent all of the people in the senior leads system triple lead sales (the leads were old & useless) which automatically triggered credit card billing. All of these customers are now calling in to dispute their credit card charges and are informed "NF has gone out of business........"
- Larry assured his remaining staff today that in the past mistakes were made but "going forward things will be done differently.
- Rumor has it Jason Perry is currently interviewing for other jobs.
- Thanks to todays YouTube e-mail NONE of Larrys vendors are buying into the whole "NF is gone" pitch and they are all calling Javelin demanding their money.
- NONE of "Javelins" sales staff have been paid from Decembers sales for NF.

oooo... contact Larry Klein directly

We have just hit upon new levels of "communicating" with the sleaze, otherwise known as "Larry Klein" directly!

If you are named, Debra or Cleo or Sal you can email and it will get to him or... I'll get you Klein's personal Comcast email and his cell phone number here in just a bit.

Do you need some annuity marketing bullshit?

Call Larry!

Javelin... a "sparkle" in Satan/Larry Klein's eye... two years in advance says...


Not LarryKleinbutRatherTheNewnotNFcom recommends spamming seniors… 2 million online seniors you can hit with a message from russia

NF Communications... "way back" machine

Fri 12/15/2006 3:15 PM

Today at noon NF had its monthly Pizza lunch / company meeting. To everyone's "surprise" Larry announced NF would be closed at the end of the day & that in order to receive your final paycheck you had to stay until 5pm and fill out some "paperwork" (the direct deposit for employees stopped a few weeks ago).
While there would be no severance package for laid off employees Larry "promised" them he would send them a check for up to one weeks accrued vacation balance by the end of this month. To everyone's surprise Debra was canned today.
I can't decide which is more sleazy:
1) Providing employees 5 hours notice they are being laid off just before Christmas, paying no severance package, not paying accrued vacation balances, and offering "his word" that up to one weeks accrued vacation would be sent in the mail before years end.
2) Having his sales staff makes sales all day long today with the full knowledge no product would ever be shipped & customers would have no recourse as NF will be dissolved by days end.