Sunday, January 7, 2007

Wrongful Termination

Buried in one of the postings from late last week I found this note titled "Tammy Gets Fired"

Before I post it out where all can see (the garbage being heaped upon good people by the likes of the Larry, Barry, Jason and Moe show), I would would like to give "Tammy" a piece of advice...

"Tammy" get yourself an attorney and have him draft a wrongful termination notice and an "agreement to settle" and have him send it right to Barry Beasely as the "CEO" of Javelin.

You were fired for commenting about a person that claims to have no contact with Javelin and by a company that claims to have to no dealings with him. I'm not an attorney, but I do know a couple and when I showed them your post they about popped a vein!

Here's "Tammy Gets Fired" formerly found in the "comments" and now out for the world to see...

Today, I was called in by Barry, Perry, et al and confronted about my blog: (incomplete though it is:

I fully admitted that yes, in the spirit of venting, I had posted this blog. It was supposed to be a place for the disenchanted to gather. I didn't even make the blog public. Somehow, the link got sent around and wound up at Javelin. The Javelinettes were displeased. TRAITOR! INGRATE!

Here sat before me the same people who TOLD me to blatantly lie about (not embellish, prevaricate, or whitewash) Larry Klein's involvement with Javelin, told me to shine on the customers who got cheated, had me fielding calls from Financial Visions - another one of those not-quite-but sorta Larry Klein companies like They too were blindsided by the demise of NF and were demanding to know of Klein's whereabouts.

Here they sat - accusing me of having given memos to someone at outlarryklein, of assisting Brian Williams and his mastermind buddy to bring the paragon of virtue, Larry Klein, down. (As if he needs any of our help...)

On the judgement seat were the same people who told me not to mention to the folks in production that they were about to get the big, spiky shaft, and had us all pretending it was business as usual. These were the same folks who instructed customer service to not give ANY refunds for months in a row (it must have been Debra's idea?)

These new bosses sat there telling me how bad I was, telling me that they had all the goods on me and that I had better fess up or else Larry Klein himself would sic his gang of lawyers on me posthaste.

My first thought was "Wait a minute- I'm confused.. If Larry's not here anymore and has nothing to do with Javelin and NF doesn't exist - why is he upset?

I calmly explained, as I will here now, that I provided NONE of the content on outlarryklein and that I do not know, nor have I ever even spoken to Brian Williams. They voiced disbelief and outrage.

"What do you want me to do- take a lie detector test?" I demanded.

Perry: "It may come to that." (threat?)

Barry: "You know who Cindy Williams is- don't say you don't."

Me: (to self) "Uh.. not really. Oh, wait- isn't she that gal from LAVERNE AND SHIRLEY?"

Perry managed a few damned fine eyerolls and fairly snorted when I said (truthfully) that I didn't know who Cindy Williams was.

Was I upset about all the crap that went on at NFavelin? You bet! Was I up for a bit of mischief and mayhem for my own twisted satisfaction? Perhaps. But I was not involved in the group effort.

Honestly, I thought Barry was an OK guy. He seemed like he was really trying to make things work but was caught between a Klein and a hard place. I had even more respect for Perry and was crossing my fingers that he would tell the whole bunch of them to **** themselves. Disappointing.

Hell, there were a lot of things I liked about Larry. Such a shame that he felt he had to marginalize his ethics in order to make money. He probably could have done it just on his own merits. And while all of us have certainly made our share of bad choices and done things of which we are not proud, Larry has made a lifetime's work of it. He has used up his share of forgive and forget ten times over.

As for me, I am jobless. For putting information on the internet that I didn't put on the Internet- for orchestrating the downfall of a guru (which I did not do.) and for telling our clients the truth when they asked.

BarPerLarry have given me time to think about what I can do to help Larry catch the "principals." If I do, perhaps the hand of Larry shall not smite me.

However, I don't really know who they are. Even if I did, and he quelled them, ten more would take their places and ten more and ten more, ad infinitum.

Best of luck to all of you, may your scars heal quickly.

PS: Barry- why did I stay on? Because I wasn't as brave as those who said no and because I had a glimmer of hope that things might work this time 'round.