Sunday, December 17, 2006

Larry's reply to the "compliance guy"

Name Withheld,
Thank you for your email. Even though I will be leaving NF Communications in 2 days and have nothing to do with that company or with CRFA after Feb 2 2007, here are the facts to set the record straight.
I was never accused of fraud. That is absurd and plain wrong. I have never been involved in an action by the SEC. Please read attached and I have the NASD transcript to prove everything therein. If you would like them, I am happy to send a copy.
By the way--I had the NASD facts reviewed by a REAL judge and I have attached his comments.
The Businessweek and Kiplinger articles are groundless as they do not directly comment on CRFA but all "senior credentials." No one from these publications have attended a course or seen the self study materials. Therefore, it would be impossible for them to know the validity of the materials. Would you like to do some due diligence? The Society would be happy to send you a copy so you can have the facts. (The CFP Board did review the program and gives 30 CE hours to CFP designees for CE credit.) The Society has lobbied for tighter regulations of senior credentials and senior advisors and you can see our comment letter filed with the State of Massachusetts.
The issue would never apply to anything I have written or issues by NF Communications:
Our materials never ever recommend a product or suggest that a client buy anything. That's for the rep to do. The NASD may have a hard time distinguishing between information and a solicitation because they son;t understand that the two are different.
Thank you for the opportunity to clear this up. If you ask your reps who have used my services or those of NF Communications, you'll find I have made a positive difference in their business with integrity. You can read comments at I know its easier to rely on hearsay and the press but if you dig a little, you can get the truth.
Thank you and best of luck to you and Brooksteet and your reps. Your firm and Stan have always impressed me.

Larry Klein
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Anonymous said...

I can see Larry walking into a courtroom:

"Your honor, the man standing next to me is a judge. Well, okay, he's not but he plays one on TV. Anyway, I think his authority should be taken over yours and he told me I'm innocent of everything, just as soon as I give him a sandwich. The defense rests. Thank you."