Monday, January 29, 2007

A former VP of NF Communications said...

Note: This was posted as a comment and I agree wholeheartedly, so I thought it should come right out and be a "post" and not a "comment"!

"On behalf of all former NF employees, I hope that Klein is publicly exposed and punished for his criminal behavior. He has crossed the line and blatently committed fraud and grand larceny many times. He somehow believes he is above the law, but deserves to pay for his actions. All of those who have done business with and worked for him have had similar observations of his conduct, and would happily testify in court to his wrong doings. Let's hope he is prosecuted and we are all given a chance to give our testimony in court and help to put him in prison. Larry Klein is the most dishonest and immoral person I have ever met."

Signed : A former VP of NF Commuications, proud to have been fired by Larry without cause for refusing to do his dirty work