Sunday, February 11, 2007

Javelin Marketing... aka... NOT anything to do with Larry Klein

Larry sucks at hiding his fake Harvard MBA... and why isn't he in jail yet?

8am - The girls in customer service finally start answering the phone (too many cursing customers yesterday), apparently the phone rings non-stop from NF customers who have received an e-mail from Brian Williams.
Morning - Calls are coming into to the sales line at Javelin but they are mostly from pissed of NF people
Jason Perry sees the YouTube video & "...turns ghost white...".
Barry Beasley comes in the office, he is already mad because bill collectors from NF were calling him at his home last night :) [Barry is SUCH a jerk, I loved hearing that one]
Jason & Barry hold a "damage control" meeting, come about an hour later both silent and somber.
Larry arrives in the office, he meets with Barry / Jason & goes "...ABSOLUTELY NUTS; screaming, yelling, making accusations against the handful of existing NF staff,,,,,,,,,, apparently he simply lost it".
My contact & I spoke for about an hour & there is tons of funny stuff, here are some highlights:
- Rumor has it Jason Tripp "might be involved in the Youtube thing since there are compliance issues discussed".
- On the 14th Larry sent all of the people in the senior leads system triple lead sales (the leads were old & useless) which automatically triggered credit card billing. All of these customers are now calling in to dispute their credit card charges and are informed "NF has gone out of business........"
- Larry assured his remaining staff today that in the past mistakes were made but "going forward things will be done differently.
- Rumor has it Jason Perry is currently interviewing for other jobs.
- Thanks to todays YouTube e-mail NONE of Larrys vendors are buying into the whole "NF is gone" pitch and they are all calling Javelin demanding their money.
- NONE of "Javelins" sales staff have been paid from Decembers sales for NF.


Anonymous said...

What "YouTube" video are you referring to? I can't find anything using YouTube search.

Anonymous said...

For us outsiders- what is the YouTube e-mail?