Sunday, February 11, 2007

NF Communications... "way back" machine

Fri 12/15/2006 3:15 PM

Today at noon NF had its monthly Pizza lunch / company meeting. To everyone's "surprise" Larry announced NF would be closed at the end of the day & that in order to receive your final paycheck you had to stay until 5pm and fill out some "paperwork" (the direct deposit for employees stopped a few weeks ago).
While there would be no severance package for laid off employees Larry "promised" them he would send them a check for up to one weeks accrued vacation balance by the end of this month. To everyone's surprise Debra was canned today.
I can't decide which is more sleazy:
1) Providing employees 5 hours notice they are being laid off just before Christmas, paying no severance package, not paying accrued vacation balances, and offering "his word" that up to one weeks accrued vacation would be sent in the mail before years end.
2) Having his sales staff makes sales all day long today with the full knowledge no product would ever be shipped & customers would have no recourse as NF will be dissolved by days end.

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