Sunday, December 31, 2006

Thank you Internet Archive For Exposing More of Larry Klein's "Javelin Gambit"

Check Out These Two Pages

The first page is NF Communications' lead page from April of 2006 as provided by the Internet Archive Wayback Machine (thank you Alexa)!
The second is a screen shot taken just just minutes ago as it appears RIGHT NOW. Clearly showing that all Larry, Barry and Jason managed to do was change a logo, the phone number from the "dissolved" NF Communications to Javelin's and update the links.
All of the testimonials are bogus. As they also are on the new Javelin site.
Let's talk "truth in advertising". Clearly, Larry and the Javelin staff are perpetrating fraud by using "testimonials" from a "dissolved" company for a product that that Javelin has never delivered.


Anonymous said...

First, happy new year to outlarryklein! You folks are doing God's work!

Second, I can't believe Klein didn't bother devoting even a minute to at least trying to make the pages look different. Does he really believe everyone is as oblvious as he is to stuff like this?

I bet when Javelin bites it, his next phony company website will include crayon markings that try to scribble out any references to Javelin, with a giant arrow pointing to the new company name, which will be followed by the phrase "FOR REALS THIS TIME!"

Nice job, Klein. You've changed the old adage - you can fool some of the people some of the time... unless you're completely fucking stupid.

Anonymous said...

It is, of course, important to realize that Larry is swimming in a sea of denial, arrogance, and delusion.

Yes, indeed he does think that people are stupid enough not to notice what he's up to.

THe problem is, he's also an utter and complete moron. Let's all hope that 2007 is the year Larry spends the next 20 years in jail.

Anonymous said...

I am someone not in the financial industry who has been appalled by Klein's history and his clearly false advertising in portraying himself as an "expert" in senior investment.It is clear from your personal experiences that Larry's lack of ethics goes far beyond stealing from his clients- he also steals from his "friends".
A question for those of you who have direct knowledge of Larry's lies- have you contacted the local office of the NASD (#415-217-1100 ask for Debra Pohlson District Director) or the Contra Costa Times business editor (#925-943-8099) with your concerns about Klein's practices? I have spoken to the NASD office and they are aware of Klein but specifics of his current activities were lacking. If each person who has posted a comment here makes such a call and provides their piece of the puzzle justice may be done. If not, Klein will restart his scam under the Javelin name and find new folks to scam. The NASD and the newspaper will take your information anonymously but your info will point them in the right direction.

Mr. Insurance said...

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Anonymous said...

I just called the Contra Costa Times and the business editor was unaware of LK or any of this. I let him know this has affected a large number of local employees(past)and many financial advisors nationally. He said he would look into it. Keep up the calls to get him on the story.

Anonymous said...

Klein is his own worst enemy. Given enough rope, he'll hang himself in his cell one night. Fortunately, it seems he has finally gone far enough to reap the consequences of his long career of fraud and deceit. Is there a way we can expedite criminal proceedings against Klein for fraud? Is there a lawyer reading this blog who can advise of how we can help the authorities send Larry to prison? Let's discuss how we can make the little weasel accountable for his actions once and for all.

TruthSeeker said...

I called Debra Pohlson of the NASD and referred her to the article. Additional calls to her @415-217-1100 will keep her focused on Klein's lies. If Klein is to be successfully prosecuted the NASD needs to hear from others.

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to let people know they are trying to hire new recruits through Craigslist, SF Bay Area. Here's the link: