Tuesday, December 26, 2006

For the last time... NF Communications has NOTHING to do with...

Javelin Marketing!
Larry in a recent Javelin staff meeting:

"Alright you idiots, listen up... You see, when we 'dissolve' NF Communications and go public with the 'Larry Klein has vanished gambit' someone might notice...

"I'm not sure, who could be so brilliant to figure this out, but in the very unlikely scenario where we run into another Harvard MBA like me, we must be prepared...
"It could be a vendor... or a system buyer that wants a refund. So, what we are going to do is put up a 'closed' sign... wait... we won't close... we'll 'dissolve'... YES! If we dissolve they will never see us coming and then we'll send them right back to us... only it won't be a real "us us', it will be a 'Javelin us us'.
"I know I'm talking over your heads here, so I wrote this up for you to follow.

"Joe, I want you to read it word for word... because if anybody screw this up it's YOU!

"Everyone read with me..."


"NF Communications was dissolved. That company no longer exists.

"But didn’t you work there?

"Yes, I did. I was terminated and lucky that Javelin Marketing, a new company, offered me a position.

"Well who is there that can help me with (something from NF).

"NF Communications was dissolved. That company no longer exists. There are no employees or managers—that firm ceased all operations.

"Well who is this new Javelin Marketing?

"It’s a company that hired some of us and continues to provide services similar to what NF Communications provided. But it is not related to NF Communications and the owners are different.

"But who can I talk to about my booklets that I paid for?

"NF Communications was DISSOLVED. That company no longer exists. There are no employees or managers—that firm ceased all operations. There is no one to talk to. There is nothing that you can do and nothing that I can tell you to do."

"If they are insistent and just don’t get it, transfer them to extension 218.

"Tell them: I am going to transfer you to a recorded phone message that the managers left before they were terminated.

"That's all... now i'm going to go hide behind this plant!"


Anonymous said...

Heh. Happy to see Jason's ability to proofread his own work is up to his usual standards.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

NF is all over the website. Larry's arrogance is shining again.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
As a compliance officer, I can firmly say that after having interviewed XXXXX XXXX face to face, I found him to be an idiot. This supposed reincarnation proves that point. It makes complete sense he would wind up working for the biggest scam artist in our industry.
Even scarier is that XXXXX once worked for NASD. What a joke.

NF has been banned by our firm and many, many others. I was beginning to wonder who in this industry was still willing to buy his programs. Of course, one thing Klein said is actually true: 80% of the people who bought his programs were idiots.

You have never talked to a moron until you talk to a diehard "NF'er". They would usually represent the lowest end of the industry...small time reps who were willing to say or do anything just to sell another annuity.

What was even more amazing were the guys I spoke with who didn't either know, or believe, the background on Klein.

This is a great site by the way!!!

OutLarryKlein said...

Mr. Compliance Officer,

I think you have wrongfully maligned the gentlemen mentioned in the first paragraph of your post. (Which is why I removed his name from your post.)

This individual acknowledges that his PREVIOUS employment at NF Communications was a HUGE mistake. He no longer works for NF and has nothing to do with Javelin. (Sadly, there's probably 100 others that made the same mistake prior to learning of Klein's history and true nature!)

I think that you might have confused the name you mentioned with one of the hacks that is NOW fronting for Klein at Javelin. However, they are not the same individual!

Thanks for your comments and your appreciation for the things we aim to do to Larry Klein/NF Communications on this site!